Sunday, December 1, 2013

Disney Thanksgiving - Day 10 - DHS and home

November 29, 2013

We took a few moments to appreciate the view one last time this morning.  All of our relatives left early for the airport. We finished packing, called to store our luggage and took off for a whirlwind tour of Hollywood Studios.

We couldn't pack everything so we took pictures of some things we left behind to satisfy the kids.

Funny, we felt we were now traveling light with just the seven of us! 

Within one hour of entering the park, Jacob had two rides on Rockin' Rollercoaster (one with Marc and one with me) and one ride on Tower of Terror with me.  The other kids got a snack and looked for souvenirs. 
The park was crowded enough but with our scheduled fastpasses we blew right through it.

Next, we all rode Toy Story Mania together... everyone's favorite!

Our final ride was Star Tours where I was the rebel spy! 

Then lunch, then the bus back to Animal Kingdom Lodge to pick up our luggage and catch our ride to the airport. 

Not bad for 3 1/2 hours, huh?

We asked Magical Express to pick us up an hour earlier than they had planned just in case there were any delays and because we had to check our bags at the airport.  We were there plenty early!  The kids who had yet to pick a souvenir made their selections at the airport.  Everyone but Max made their purchase at the Disney store there.

Jacob, hoping to be a Disney Imagineer some day, bought a journal and special pen to record and illustrate his ride ideas.

Ella who picked a tin of mints as her souvenir at the park was encouraged to pick a coloring book too.

Zoe also got a coloring book even though she tried picking souvenirs every chance she had and fulfilled her quota.

Max remembered something he wanted from the last time we were at this airport and eagerly sought it out.
It sure was a great trip!  Our kids will miss spending day in and day out with their cousins!  We had an uneventful plane ride and go home just after 10:30pm. 

The next day we had a birthday party for Jacob with my family at noon.  It's one thing after another in our house but it's all good! 
Our little Zs taking it easy at home! This picture was not posed!