Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disney Thanksgiving - Day 9 - Happy Thanksgiving! and Jacob and Melissa's birthdays

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we spent Thanksgiving at Animal Kingdom.  It really didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all.  At the park, the only indication of Thanksgiving was that two of the restaurants were serving Thanksgiving meals.  Other than that, it looked like any other day.  It was a little crowded, but not too bad.  I would guess that Magic Kingdom was packed.

Before we left, one of our resident hairdressers, Avery, spent like a half hour working on Zoe's hair

We arrived at the park by about 9:15am.  I think it may have opened at 8am.

The kids had fun trying out different African musical instruments.  Zoe had been searching for a drum since the parade in the lobby the other night, and Grandma was happy to buy her one when she found it.

As usual Triceratops Spin was our first ride or three.  Then Dinosaur and a couple rides on Primevil Whirl with fastpasses. 

Looks like Zoe was trying to pick another souvenir.  She was getting shopping advice from her coach Avery.  She picked up both princess packs and said, "I'll get both of these."  I advised her to ask Santa.

Poor Zach:

Melissa's so cold that she has to buy a blanket.

The Safari was the most anticipated ride of the day

Cranes like this one woke me up a couple of mornings.  They sounded like an annoying alarm clock before what appeared to be their mating ritual.

This could just as well have been a picture from our balcony

Mama and baby

Jacob's favorite ride at AK is Expedition Everest!  Mine too!  We got to ride twice before meeting the others at The Lion King show.

I was exhausted from the week's activities and decided to head back to the hotel with Zach to rest and call my family to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.  It wasn't too long before everyone else returned too and we all leisurely packed for our return home tomorrow.


After we left the park we celebrated Jacob's birthday which is in four days.
Jacob blowing out the pretend candle on his baby cake

Singing Happy Birthday, I guess.


We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at Boma, which is an African buffet.  They also had traditional Thanksgiving food on the buffet today.




A sampling of traditional food for Zoe

We also celebrated Melissa's birthday today too since hers is in three days.

Disney Thanksgiving - Day 8 - Magic Kingdom (part 2)

November 27, 2013

Morning play time!
Whatever I said about the crowds on previous days can be ignored.  Today is the day that it was crowded - really crowded!  Now, I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to seeing crowds at the Disney parks.  We almost always come during off seasons and certainly when school is in session, so I don't really know how today compared to a typical summer day at the Magic Kingdom, but for me it was crowded.  Crowd control was out in full force today.  Through certain areas they even made sure people walked on the right side of the path.  They had people standing with flags at the end of certain lines since they overflowed beyond the regular line.  Luckily, we had already gone on most of what we wanted to so we were able to live with just our three magicband fastpasses and still have a nice day of just going on some high capacity stuff beyond that.

Zoe's souvenir
Yes! We are definately spoiled and beyond traveling at off times, we also research least crowded park days and have ride plans to avoid crowds.  Today they could not be avoided but we made the most of it.

A sudden rainstorm while we were getting ready this morning.
Rita and Greg left early this morning for their Keys to the Kingdom tour.  While I was enjoying the balcony this morning, this storm rolled in so quickly and left just as fast.  It really poured!

Zoe was playing while we got ready.  She kept telling me she was going to "Hello Kingdom" now and running off with the purse Grandma got her.  Then she'd come back and do it all again.  I think Zoe combines Hello Kitty with Magic Kingdom and ends up with "Hello Kingdom."  Pretty cute!

It was quite chilly this morning and Max's sweatshirt was still wet in the dryer, so Kyrie and Max went on an adventure to find him a new one.  They ended up all the way at the Briar Patch before finding one that fit him.  The sweatshirt itself isn't pictured here. (Because we hadn't bought it yet!)

Avery and Melissa were shopping too and the rest were playing the Adventureland pirate game several times.  A good plan for a busy day!
There he is (on the left) wearing his new sweatshirt.
We had an early lunch at Pecos Bill's and Tortuga Tavern or whatever it's called.  Then we took a train ride around the whole park.  Zoe had a stinky diaper just as we were about to leave, so Marc graciously volunteered to get off with her and change it.  They then got on the train and rode to the first stop before walking back to meet us when we got off.

We used our first scheduled fastpass for Tomorrowland Speedway.  

Then we went on the People Mover while trying to match up with Rita and Greg now that tour is over.  Look at those crowds!

 Dear Marc,  THIS is EPCOT.  The theme park we go to is Epcot! Love, Kyrie

We were just getting off People Mover when Rita and Greg caught up and got on, so we spent some time looking at the souvenir carts before moving on to Carousel of Progress.
Marc swears his first memory was of Carousel of Progress when he was less than a year old.  So here's a picture of Zach at this attraction just in case it's his first memory too.

It was nice to bypass the hour long line at Enchanted Tales with Belle too with our scheduled fastpass on our Magicbands.  Before entering Ella talked about how she wanted to be Madame Wardrobe and sure enough she sang out the part loudly when the time came to be selected and they did pick her.

It's nice that all the kids can participate.  It's really well done and more fun than I expect.

With about one hour left before we needed to leave for our dinner reservation, we decided to split up to go to either Haunted Mansion or Mickey's Philharmagic.  The Haunted Mansion posted a 45 minute wait when we got in line.  It was the one and only real line we waited in the whole trip.  It ended up being about 35 minutes I think.

The kids making zombie faces

We thought it will be funny when our kids have kids and they see tombstones for Uncle Jacob and Grandpa Marc on this ride.  Marc and Jacob better get ready for some harassment on our future big family trip.

Avery taking care of Zoe again

After our day at the park we took a boat over to Fort Wilderness for dinner at Trail's End.

Max decided to turn his scraps into art.

Grandma couldn't resist buying Zach a coonskin cap.