Saturday, June 23, 2012

RV Life (Day 2) - Wisconsin Dells

Today we had our first day of camping, or should I say Kamping (we were at a KOA). 

We first stopped at Moosejaw for lunch and then headed to the campground. 

We checked-in and were led to our spot.  We booked a pull-thru site with full hook-ups to make things easy on ourselves for our first outing.  We spent about an hour figuring out how to hook everything up properly and trying to remember the important details from our RV orientation, while our kids waited "patiently" to get to the pool and the playground.  After we were satisfied that everything was setup correctly we gave in to the kids demands and headed to the pool. 

We spent a couple of hours there before heading back up to the camp site to setup the grill and cook dinner.  I promptly burnt the italian sausages to a crisp (not used to the burners being so close to the food), but they turned out good enough and we were all really hungry after the swimming. 

After dinner we started a campfire and Kyrie washed dishes while the kids and I took a walk.

 Ella brought most of the sand from the playground back with her on her face, hands, and legs.  It was a beautiful day and we had all the windows open in the RV - unfortunately, the smoke from the campfire blew right in and now it smells very smokey. 

We cooked up some smores and then I took Ella to the shower to clean off the sand - she was too dirty to put in our brand new shower!  Our campsite is very close to the bathrooms and showers and we avoided using the bathroom in the RV most of the day.  I just hated the idea of taking our "resort on wheels" and turning it into "the ulitimate portapotty".  Finally, I gave in and the kids were delighted to finally get to try out the RV toilet.  So far, so good with this RV stuff.  The driving hasn't been too difficult and the camping has been a lot of fun.  Now, let's see how the sleeping goes...

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