Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall trip - Day 7 - The ride that breaks a lot

Friday, October 19, 2012

This morning we went to early entry at California Adventure and rushed to the Radiator Springs Racers - the most popular ride here.  When we got there it wasn't running.  It breaks down a lot.  About half of the times that I saw the ride it wasn't running.  When it is running the lines are super long.  So, while Kyrie and the kids went on some rides, Zoe and I went to the fastpass line to get fastpasses to go on the Racers later when it is working.  Had to wait almost an hour for the fastpasses, but at least I got one before they ran out.
Jacob and I on the Jumping Jellyfish ride.  Jacob never stopped talking during the whole ride.
Then we went on Mickey's Fun Wheel.
Jacob and Kyrie went on one of the swinging gondolas.
Nice view of grizzly peak and space mountain in the background.
Lunch in Cars Land at Flo's V8 Cafe.
Going on some rides in A Bugs Land.
Zoe loves the rides.
Back in Cars Land for snacks at the Cozy Cone Cafe.
Max was a frequent visitor to Cone #4.  He loved the pretzel balls!
One of Zoe's favorites.
Max delighted to finally be riding the bumper cars.
Cars Land at night.
Jacob and Max at the Mad T Party taking turns with the Glow with the Show ears.

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