Sunday, July 29, 2012

Niagara Trip - Day 7 - You hit the mayor?!

Our day started out in the laundry room.  I wanted to get caught up on some laundry since we have like 10 kids, or at least that’s what it seems like when I wash their clothes.  So, I took the kids to the playground, which is next to the laundry room, and then I went to do the laundry.  I arrived at the laundry room at (thanks for getting us up so early Zoe) and someone was already using all three washing machines, so I had to wait.  Now, this place has at least 100 campsites and only 3 washing machines.  Before long I wasn’t the only one waiting.  Eventually, one of the washers was empty and I started a load of laundry.  It started to rain, so I took the kids back to the RV.  Of course the dryers took longer than the washers, so I had to wait for the dryer also.  So, it was a boring start to the day.  Finally, our laundry was finished and we headed out.

This was a pretty late start for us.  When we finally left, we were all hungry and wanted to eat right away.
We stopped in Strasburg for “lunch”.  Our “lunch” started with delicious pretzels from The Pretzel House, and then some bakery treats from another place and then ice cream.  The roads around here are of course very narrow and on the way in to Strasburg I forgot how much the mirrors stick out on the sides and I smacked one of them into a telephone pole (we weren’t going very fast and it didn’t break the mirror or anything).  Jacob asked what the heck happened and I said, “I hit the mirror”, then Max said, “What!  You hit the Mayor?”  We all got a good laugh out of that. 

Marc did not do our "lunch" justice. The soft pretzels were the softest, most delicious pretzels I ever tasted.  It tasyed like freshly ground wheat was used and that they came right out of the oven.  They probably did, as they only had 3  (we wanted 6) but didn't want to wait for more to come out of the oven.  This "forced" us to buy more sweets at the bakery than we ever normally would buy.  We tried 3 kinds of whoopie pies and an apple dumpling.  The whoopie pies were a must since it's a local delicassy.  They were pretty good.  The original was the best flavor.  The apply dumpling had an amazing crust.  Not that I try, but if I could make crust like that, I'd have to bake a pie every week.  Next the Strasburg Bakery, was a winery.  I tasted a couple of wines.  They were very floral which makes sense the owner/wine maker is also a botanist..  I found a sweet one that I liked and bought a couple bottles.  One for us, one for one of my employees.  And the last shop in this little area we happily stumbled upon was a gift shop, candy shop, and creamery.  The kids had fun looking at old fashioned toys and I had fun looking a local cookbooks and history books.  We shared some ice cream to complete our "lunch" and hit the road.
After lunch we headed to Hershey to go to Chocolate World.  We enjoyed seeing the chocolate colored street lined with Hershey Kiss street lights on the way there.  Oh, by the way, our new GPS doesn’t work now either.  Must be something wrong with the outlet that we plug them in to.  Anyway, after a little confusion, we found our way to Chocolate World and had fun watching the movie, drinking some frozen cocoa, and then taking the fake factory tour.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  Yeah, that was a good idea to have a sugary lunch before going to Chocolate World, right? 
After that we searched out another Walmart to exchange our GPS and get some groceries for the next few days.  I’m plugging the new GPS into a different outlet and hoping that this solves the problem.  After that we ate at a good restaurant, but I’m not sure what the name was.  Something like Hometown Restaurant I think.  They had some really good homemade perogies there.

There was a a HUGE rain storm as we left Walmart.  We stopped at that local family restaurant both to ride out the storm and because Zoe didn't want to drive anymore. One random observation...things close early around here. The restaurant closed at 8pm.  I find this odd because on Eastern time, things usually open later than at home too. 
Once again, we arrived at the campground after dark and this time it was during a thunderstorm.  I decided to try a different approach when parking the RV this time.  My new approach worked worse than the one last night.  This time a tree branch rubbed along the side of the RV and I nearly ran over Kyrie when I didn’t realize that she was trying to direct me from behind the RV.  Thankfully I stopped and she got out of the way and hopefully the tree branch didn’t scrape up the RV, but I won’t know about that until morning.

Oh, that's where the the scratches on the RV came from. 

The RV has both a backup camera and microphone.  I thought he was using them.  He did stop when I YELLED.  I bet a few people looked out their windows.  I was standing next to a giant tree anyway. He would have hit the tree, not me, but that would have been bad too.

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