Sunday, July 8, 2012

RV Practice Trip #2-Day 2 - The Burning Sands

July 4, 2012

It was a long, hot night.  It took forever for the cabin to cool down.  Somehow we managed to sleep, but we probably should have just slept in the RV.  It's even hotter today, but at least the AC can run all day to keep it from getting too hot.  My sister and her family are coming to our cabin to visit for a day before they go to the Dells and we go further north to complete our second practice trip.  They arrived around lunch time and we soon headed to the beach.  The sand was so hot that we literally had to run from the shade (where we setup our chairs) to the lake which was only about 10 feet away.  The cousins had a great time swimming.  Kyle, Jacob and Max especially liked jumping off of the raft.  Jacob decided that he needed to jump in 100 times - he did that and more!  After a long day in the hot sun we opted for a quiet night inside instead of going to see fireworks and sitting in the still high 90 degree weather.  We rented the movie Mirror/Mirror and Max and Ella were asleep before it was over.  Tomorrow we head to Woodruff!

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