Thursday, July 26, 2012

Niagara Trip - Day 6 - The Kleinfelter are allowed to return to the United States.

Wednesday - July 25, 2012

After a "quick" breakfast at IHOP (with some very Canadian prices) we headed back over the border into the U.S.  When we reached the border crossing I misunderstood the sign and didn't get into the RV lane.  They asked me if I didn't see the big sign and I basically just told them that I was too stupid to understand it (which was true).  They didn't give me too much of a hassle, but they wanted to see each of the kids before they let us proceed.  We had to wake Ella and Zoe up to do that.  Other than that we didn't have any trouble.  After an hour of trying to follow the mapquest directions I printed, I finally decided to stop at WalMart to get another GPS.  They don't carry the special RV one that we have, so I couldn't just exchange our broken one.  We had a really nice drive through New York and Pennsylvania.  It was very beautiful country.  We had to go through a lot of small towns, which meant that I got a lot of practice driving this exceptionally wide RV on some very small roads.  It took a very long time and we made it to our campground just after dark, which made parking in our campsite quite tricky.

There HAD to be a better way than all these small roads.  It was a pretty drive, nevertheless, I would have appreciated a faster drive.  This GPS system we picked up seems to prefer small roads.

I think the thing that would speed up our travel time the most is a stopwatch.  If we treated our stops like pitstops instead of lollygagging for half an hour or so, we would cut down our travel time by hours.

Along the way we stopped at Reptileland.  This was a mercy stop for the kids.  We were on the road for the entire day and just had to give them something fun to do.  This turned out to be the perfect stop (except for the price gouging).  We spent about 45 minutes looking at tortoises, alligators, snakes, and dinosaurs.  And the dinosaurs weren’t even in cages – yikes!  We saw the entire zoo in that time, although we probably would have spent a little more time there if we didn’t need to hit the road.  After that we grabbed dinner from KFC when the most horrible thing happened – they gave me a senior discount!  Ugh!  They didn’t mention it (and I wasn’t going to give up the $3.50 savings after what we spent at Reptileland), but I saw it right on the receipt.  I’m hoping it was just a mistake or that the lady just wanted to save me some money.  I might have to blame Jacob and Max for it though.  They decided that I can’t shave on this trip and my beard is coming in awfully gray.

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