Monday, July 9, 2012

RV Practice Trip #2, Day 4 - How to use the weather radio.

July 6, 2012

Well things are getting exciting now.  About an hour ago one of the campers warned us that a storm was coming.  At that moment it was still sunny, so we figured we had a little time, but soon we started hearing the thunder.  We quickly finished up dinner, cooked up some smores and cleaned up camp to get ready for the storm.  We weren't quite quick enough and I spent the last few minutes in the downpour.  The storm came roaring through and it prompted us to figure out our weather radio.  It turns on automatically when there is a weather alert, but apparently that has to be configured.  So, we fixed that and it turned itself on one time later that night.  The storm probably wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but being in the middle of these huge trees with nothing more than some aluminum (or whatever they build these things with) protecting us makes it seem a little scarier.

Earlier in the day we just explored a little and went swimming some more.

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