Monday, July 30, 2012

Niagara Trip - Day 11 - Moving right along...

July 30, 2012

Well, we still don't have an air conditioner.  This morning we got up bright and early to make sure we had everything packed up and ready to go so that we would be ready when the repairman called.  We weren't sure if the Coleman store opened at 8 or 9, so we just made sure we were ready by 8:15.  Well, 8 o'clock rolled by and so did 9 o'clock and no call from the repairman.  At about 9:20, I called his number and got his receptionist which is probably his wife.  I let her know who I was and that I was wondering if he was able to get the AC.  She said that she wasn't sure where he was, but that she would get a hold of him and have him call.  Well, that wasn't very encouraging, but I still held out hope that he was picking one up.  At about 10 o'clock he finally called and said that he couldn't find one.  He sounded completely drunk to be honest, but hopefully I'm wrong about that.  Anyway, he didn't have anything for us, so it was time to move on.

Meanwhile, I was figuring out how to keep the kids occupied at the campground figuring Marc would be gone for a few hours this morning.  Each morning thre campground has Yogi characters meet and greet the kids  followed by a craft activity at 10am.  The craft this morning was painting cermaic figurines.  I would never have gotten involved in this craft it weren't for the fact that it should kill a good hour this morning and the kids really wanted to do it (but they really want to do everything.)  We paid our $22 for the 3 figures the kids picked and started painting.  Soon after we got started, Marc called with the news that we had to move on.  Bad timing.  We still had a lot of painting to do, not to mention drying.  The figures did turn out better than I expected though and the kids had fun.
I made some calls to the area around Pittsburgh since that's where we planned on getting to today.  After a few tries I finally found a place that has the right AC and can install it for us tomorrow!  They were nice enough to rearrange some things to help us since we're in the middle of our vacation.  We decided to book a hotel room near Idlewild instead of camping tonight since I'll need to take the RV to get it fixed for several hours.  That way Kyrie and the kids can hang out in the hotel room and then head over to Idlewild once it opens.  Hopefully I'll be able to join them early in the afternoon.

Maybe tomorrow night I'll be able to add some pictures.  I've really wanted to, but we haven't had WiFi access since we left Monroe until now.

The drive to Ligonier PA went by pretty quickly.  I think it was about 3 hours.  After checking in to our "suite", we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and then went swimming.  Zoe got a lot of attention at the pool from a 9 year old girl who was on vacation with her grandparents.  I think she was missing her baby sister.  Max got mad at the girl's twin brother who was wrestling with Max and Jake and pushed him under water.  When Max gets mad, it is time to go!

I got to see a little of the Olympics on TV this evening before we went to bed... some gymnastics and some swimming.  It's easy to forget the Olympics is going on right now.

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