Friday, February 15, 2013

GA and FL Day 9 - Magic Kingdom Do-over

February 13, 2013

 We went to the Magic Kingdom again today, but this time did it right and got there with plenty of time to spare.  (We left our RV 5 minutes earlier than yesterday and caught the  boat to the Contemporary and then walked to the MK.  We quickly got through the ticket booth and the very front of the "rope" for opening.  What a difference!)

We went straight to Enchanted Tales with Belle and I think we were in the first group.  This was a really good show.  They use some special effects in the first couple of rooms and then they pick a bunch of kids to play parts in the show with Belle.  Max got to be the Beast and he was hilarious!  He’s funny because he wants to perform, but he also gets really nervous and it makes for a really interesting result.  The big problem with this show is that they can only fit like 30 people in at a time, so it was no wonder the wait time gets so long.  (We were out of the show 20 minutes after park opening and the line was again at a 80 minutes wait at that time. Now we had plenty of time for everyhting in Tomorrowland with minimal waiting.)

Belle's Cottage
A magic mirror that takes you to the Beast's castle.  Pretty cool.

Madame Wardrobe talked to us and selected people to re-enact the night Belle fell in love with the beast. 
Max was picked to be the beast.

After that we just went on a bunch of rides in Tomorrowland until lunch time.  We ate at Pecos Bill’s.  Then Kyrie and Ella experienced some “Limited Time Magic” when they were given little cups of Valentine colored M&M’s while they were waiting for the rest of us.  After lunch, we headed back to the pool.  The kids have been playing with the kids in the RV next to us and they were at the pool too, so they played with them most of the time.  Ella loves the water slide.  She must have gone down it at least 20 times.  Zoe had fun in the splash area, but what she really liked was the tot’s pool where she could pretend she was swimming.

Up to the People Mover...

Lunch at Pecos Bill's
We ate dinner at the Trail’s End buffet again and somehow dodged most of the rain. We watched a movie in the RV tonight. Well, really we turned on a movie and then the kids fell asleep. The kids were exhausted from swimming. Ella was asleep within 5 minutes and Max and Zoe didn’t last much longer. Jacob fought it for about a half hour, but finally gave in and said he wanted to watch the rest tomorrow. Hopefully we won’t see any more rain after tonight.

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