Monday, February 18, 2013

GA and FL Day 13 - on our way home

February 17, 2012

Well, we still don't feel very well, but we started the journey home today.  There isn't too much worth mentioning. 

One of our stops was at a "Citrus Center."  I thought it would be nice to get some oranges and grapefruit to take home and eat along the way.  They had samples of a couple kinds of tangerines and oranges and grapefruit. They are in season and delicious.  The only problem was the smallest bags they sold were 1/4 bushel.  Even with juicing, we wouldn't use that much before they went bad.  So we left with nothing but a chocolate alligator that Max spent the rest of his souvenir money to buy.  He wanted a real alligator head, but thankfully didn't have enough money to buy one.

On another stop, we got our RV washed.  We had wanted to do it before we camped at Disney, but never found a wash.  We stumbled upon this one in Kentucky and decided it was a good idea to put away a clean(ish) RV than leave the caked on bugs for several more months.  The price was $35 including a coating of Rain-x.

We made it over 500 miles which is probably the longest we've driven at one time. We went from Orlando to a little past Atlanta. We decided not to chance it with the Comfort Inn this time; we stayed at the Hampton Inn which was very comfortable.

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