Monday, February 11, 2013

GA and FL Day 5 - Georgia Aquarium

Well, Kyrie's presention at the conference went great and today she is still in the seminar all day.  I took the kids to the Georgia Aquarium which we all liked a lot.  This is definitely the best aquarium that we have been to.  We went here before Ella was born.  Not much as changed.  This time we made it to the dolphin show  - which was great.  It had a decent story and special effects plus the usual dolphin tricks.  I still don't think dolphins, or really any of the larger fish or mammals belong there, but I can't complain much since I keep supporting them by buying tickets.  The whale sharks are by far the biggest attraction here.  It's amazing seeing such a large creature swimming by.  The habitats are developed really well here including many kid friendly features, such as a tunnel that lets them pop up in the penguin habitat.  The only drawback of this place is the price.  I don't remember the exact pricing, but for us (1 adult, 3 children and a free infant), it cost over $125 just to get in.  The 3D movie and dolphin show are included.  The food prices are the usual price gouging, but they at least had some decent choices.

After the aquarium we headed back to the hotel to wait for Kyrie to finish her conference.  She called before 5pm to say it was running late so we went to a restaurant at the hotel for dinner.  Unfortunately, Kyrie didn't know we decided to eat at the hotel and assumed we were off property.  She couldn't reach me on my phone when her conference ended.  She waited and looked for us for over an hour before she located us in the restaurant (our dinner took forever by the way).  So, instead of hitting the road at 5:00, we didn't get out of there until after 7pm, so we only got to Cordele, GA which is only a couple hours from Atlanta.

Tomorrow we'll finally be at Disneyworld!

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