Monday, February 11, 2013

GA and FL Day 6 - $3 pizza

We stayed at another Comfort Inn last night (in Cordele, GA), but this one definitely didn't live up to our expectations.  I won't bother to list the problems, but they should definitely get their name off of this hotel (or just tear it down)!  If this had been the first Comfort Inn that we stayed in, we would have never stayed at one again. 

After that, it was a long day of driving.  Not much to talk about except that we stopped at Cici's Pizza for lunch.  We were thinking that this was going to be a Cici's buffet like we used to have near where we lived, but unfortunately it was just a carry-out.  Anyway, here they sell large pizza's for $3!  I don't know how they can sell a pizza for $3, but I'm sure that we shouldn't be eating it.  Since we were pretty hungry by that point, it actually tasted pretty good to us.  After a few more hours of driving, we hit WalMart for some last minute supplies and tried unsuccessfully to find a truck wash to clean our RV and then finally arrived at Fort Wilderness - Disneyworld!

They check you in while you are still in your vehicle and when they asked if we were bringing any pets, our kids all started meowing - even Zoe!  What a bunch of goofs!  The campground is crowded, but nice.  They don't allow open campfires, but I doubt we'd have much time for that anyway.  We had dinner at the Trail's End Buffet at the campground.  It took about an hour to get in, since we didn't have any reservations, but it was worth the wait.  Might be my new favorite Disneyworld restaurant!

The campground is really nice and huge!  The campsites are on the small side, but fine.  Most have plenty of mature trees around, making it seem a little private.  There are a lot of "comfort stations" around with showers/bathrooms and laundry rooms. Everything is well kept as you'd expect from Disney.

Trail's End Buffet was surprisingly good.  I hadn't made reservations because I didn't think it would be that busy and I wasn't exactly sure how our timing would be with getting in and setting up camp.  I knew they were known for their BBQ ribs and fried chicken, like they serve at the Hoop De Doo Review.   But I was surprised at how good their cold salads were and just the overall quality of all the food.  It was better than most buffets for sure.  I especially was impressed with the red velvet cake.  It tasted like what you'd get at a fancy restaurant for $9 ala cart.  I also liked the sweet tea.  This restaurant beats the other Disney buffets for sure! I would even go out of my way to eat here.

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