Friday, September 6, 2013

DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise - Day 10 - last day at DisneyWorld

September 6, 2013

Tomorrow we leave on our cruise, so today we headed back to the Magic Kingdom and hit pretty much everything we didn't get to earlier in the trip.  We got there plenty early since Zoe got us up by 6am.

As you can see, the park was pretty empty to start the day.

An empty Peter Pan line?

Zoe and Ella on the carousel.

I hate to even include this picture, but the sweat on my shirt really shows how hot it was.  This is at about 9:15am!

The kids were delighted to find "Push", the talking garbage can, in the store after coming out of the Stich attraction.  Push was in there looking for Tyler - whoever that is!

Later we saw PUSH  again and Jacob was obsessed with finding the guy that controls him.  It was really quite difficult; he does a great job at blending in. He would even walk away for a moment and at other times appear to watch from the back of the crowd.  The bag on his shoulder with his hand inside is the giveaway.  

For lunch we headed back to Be Our Guest restaurant, which is a "counter service" restaurant during lunch hours.  It's sort of a hybrid, you order your food like counter service, but they still bring it out to your table for you.

Here is the extremely unshaded line to get in.
They did hand out umbrellas for shade and small cups of ice water.  

The menu for lunch is mostly sandwiches and salads.  The other day I think I forgot to mention how good the potato-leek soup's really good.  They serve that at lunch as well.  Lunch is a very affordable way to get to see inside the Be Our Guest restaurant.  The line can be long though.  We had to wait about 25 minutes, and the park was very quiet today.  I'm sure the wait is normally quite a bit longer.  Since you seat yourselves we were able to eat in the west wing this time.  The kids liked seeing the special effects.

After lunch, Kyrie took Zach and Zoe to the Baby Care Center to nurse Zach.  Kyrie said that Zach just loved the changing table because it was soft and it was so nice and cool in there.

Zoe needed to change her baby's diaper too!

We stayed and played on the changing table for quite a while. (They have about 6 set up in a large room.)  It was definately Zach's favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom!

I took the older kids on Big Thunder Mtn Railroad and Splash Mountain before meeting back up with Kyrie and the babies in the stores on Main Street.  After that we headed back to the hotel for another afternoon at the pool.

The park is still empty as we leave

Happy monorail rider

Zach is all set for the pool.

Should have looked out the window though, because a storm moved in and our pool time only lasted about 5 minutes!  It worked out alright though.  I took the kids downstairs to the clubhouse while Kyrie packed the suitcases for tomorrow.  The kids had fun coloring, making bracelets and magnets, playing video games, and watching cartoons.  By dinner time, Zoe was cranky again, so we decided to get room service.  It probably comes from The Wave restaurant in the Contemporary and it was very good.

Here's a picture of Jacob's Rainbow Grilled Cheese:

In honor of our recent trips to the Be Our Guest restaurant, we borrowed the Beauty and the Beast video from the clubhouse and watched it in our room to finish out the evening.  It was neat seeing all of the details from the restaurant in the movie and the kids had never seen the movie, so they liked learning the story.

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