Friday, September 20, 2013

DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise – Day 15 – St. Thomas


After a late night last night, I even went back to sleep after Zach’s morning wake-up call.  Finally Jacob got up at about 8:30am and we quickly got ready and snuck out to breakfast before the others woke up. 

Zoe woke me up soon after and that woke Ella and Max up pretty quickly.  Overall, it was a very relaxing day.  After our breakfasts, Kyrie took the older kids to the pool and the babies and I went for a little shopping walk in St. Thomas.  It’s nice that in St. Thomas you can get off the ship and see some shops without having to get a taxi or anything.  The shopping is just tourist stuff – no chance of seeing the real St. Thomas there – but it’s still fun to look through some of the shops.  I can’t help but find it strange that St. Thomas is part of the United States.  It seems absurd to see a US Post Office on this tropical island.

A view of St. Thomas from our verandah:

A couple ships docked behind ours

Zoe's souvenir from St. Thomas... a Del Sol shirt that changes color in the sun: 

When we returned to the ship we joined the others at the pool.  I took turns with Jacob and Max on the Aquaduck.  When I was on with Max the person in front of us had gotten stuck in the tube.  When I saw them, I was concerned that we were going to end up stuck as well, but luckily we were going fast enough that when we bumped the other person’s raft that got them going enough and didn’t stop us.

Zoe had a nap and is ready for dinner

Our dinner tonight was at Animator’s Palate again.
The kids  in their Hawaiian outfits
Kyrie's drawing

This time we each were given a placemat to draw a character on and then after dessert our characters were brought to life on the screen.  It was a lot of fun and people did a good job with their drawings.

Seeing your drawing come to life and dance with real Disney characters was amazing!  A major highlight of the trip for sure!  Your name even appears in the credits at the end of the show.  Then the wait staff gave us the placemats back with an official seal that we are now Disney animators!  So cool!

The boys watching a magic trick from our waiter JC:

After dinner, the kids traded pins with the officers and then Kyrie and most of the kids headed to the main show which was Wishes and Zach and I went to the movie theater to watch The Lone Ranger.  Zach let me watch it this time – he just slept in his sling.  Walking around with him in the sling gets us an awful lot of attention.  The movie was excellent – much different than I was expecting.

Here’s how it went down, we all had seats in the theater. Marc sat the kids down with a couple bags of popcorn and handed me a cocktail then asked if I would be okay with the kids while he went to a movie.  Umm, sure.

Zoe enjoying her popcorn before the show.  (Note to Disney - I want real popcorn on the ship! - Marc)

Made it through the show!  And ready for bed! 

 Kyrie managed to get all of the kids to bed before Zach and I returned from the movie - which I’m certain was not easy!

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