Friday, September 20, 2013

DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise – Day 13 – 2nd day at sea

embroidered hats, barrettes, Georgia peach jelly and soap
I’m finally getting into the groove of this cruise.  The fact that everyone slept relatively well last night helped a lot!  Zach woke us up at 7am (and 3 other times during the night.)  After taking care of Zach and getting more FE gifts, Jacob and Max and I went to the Royal Court for breakfast.  It was nice to dine with my guys and the food was better than the buffet.  It was funny though that every crew member that walked by our table rubbed Max’s head.  The look on his face was hilarious and it just kept getting funnier with every additional person who did it!  Marc’s note – I don’t know how Zach waking up 3 times during the night qualifies as sleeping relatively well. 

After picking up some special pins at the DVC desk, we met up with Marc and the others to attend the Magic Workshop.  Zach and I left to see The Lone Ranger movie.  Unfortunately today is Zach’s day to be ornery.  I called Marc to pick up Zach and Zoe ended up staying at the movie with me.  I sure didn’t think she would last long there, but she was a perfect little angel. 

Thankfully, Zach fell asleep quickly for me (just one lap around the 4th deck) and stayed asleep until Kyrie was back.  I got some quiet time while everyone else was doing their thing.

When everyone returned we ordered room service for lunch and ate it on our huge balcony.  I’m really surprised by how big our balcony is.  Compared to the balconies on the side, it is enormous!  Too bad they couldn’t have used a little of that space to make our room bigger!  Ella tried blue cheese off of the cheese plate we ordered and she liked it!

Pretty good view!

Room service has two things that you can’t get anywhere else on the ship (at least at lunch)…Uncrustables and Mickey Bars.  It was perfect for us!

I’m definitely getting my exercise on this cruise.  I’ve resorted to carrying Zoe around the ship to get her to sleep for her nap (and sometimes at night also).  It usually takes a couple of laps, which is a pretty good walk.

I liked my time to relax today.  I got to catch up on the journal writing and just sit back and appreciate the peaceful view!

After naptime we dropped off Zoe at the nursery and picked up the rest of the kids for dinner. 

This night we ate in the Enchanted Garden.  I didn’t really notice the special effects.  The food was okay – nothing was a favorite for me today.  

Unfortunately, Zoe wasn't enjoying the nursery tonight.  They sent us a text message and we picked her up in time for dessert.

After dinner, Jacob and Max went to the kids club while the girls watched the Aladdin show in the Walt Disney Theater.  Zach and I stayed in the room and watched a movie there (since Zach wasn’t up for doing much else).

I’ve noticed that the ship is swaying more tonight.  Hopefully, that will lead to a good night’s sleep!

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