Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise - Day 7 - Disney's Hollywood Studios and Trails End

September 3, 2013

Wow, it's hard to believe we've already been here a week!  So today we headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Toy Story Mania was down when the park opened so that kind of messed with all of our plans.  We ended up taking turns going on Rock n Roller Coaster and trying to keep the little one's happy.  There isn't much for Zoe to do at this park.  Even Toy Story Mania isn't much fun for her because she has no idea how to shoot and her 3D glasses keep falling off!  But anyway, she did really like Disney Junior.  By far her favorite attraction of the day.

Zoe picking her nose...

So, eventually Toy Story Mania did open and we rode it twice.

All of us who are older than 2, really like this ride.

Ella has been looking forward to making me go on Tower of Terror for several days now.  So today she was very exited to take me on the ride.

Kyrie told her that I would scream like a girl if I went on that ride, so she couldn't wait to hear that.  We had a good time on the ride.  I absolutely hate the sensation of being shot up on this ride.  Down isn't so bad, but up is scary to me.  I definitely screamed like a girl, but the funny thing was that after the ride, Ella asked, "Daddy, did I scream like a boy?".  That was pretty hilarious.

While we were doing that, Zoe tried on hats:

At some point we made our way over to the 50's Prime Time Cafe for lunch.

As you can see, it was raining.  We've been extremely lucky with the rain on this trip.  There has been a thunderstorm just about every day on our trip, but we have barely felt a drop.  We have managed to be indoors everytime.

The restaurant was good.  Old fashioned home style food in a restaurant where everyone is related.  Other guests are your cousins, our waitress was our aunt, mom was in the kitchen cooking lunch, grandpa made our drinks, etc.  The food was good, but the waitstaff never live up to our expectations.  We had such a good experience the first time we came here, when we had a waiter that really loved his job and had so much fun entertaining people, that since then everyone else has just paled in comparison.  Anyway, we all enjoyed lunch.

Afterwards, we went on The Great Movie Ride.

Zoe tried on more hats:

The kids all enjoyed the Disney Junior show (now including Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First).

In the heat of the afternoon we headed back to the hotel to go to the pool. It was sooo HOT that we actually left with unused fast passes (which means you basically walk right on the ride without waiting) for Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours. I don't think we've ever spent so many days at the pool.  Zoe is becoming a little duck.  She just loves floating around in her life jacket with her little legs kicking her around the pool.  Jacob and Max love the water slide and the pool games.  Ella likes a little of all of that, but I don't think she has a favorite.

After the pool, we took the boat over to Fort Wilderness for dinner.

Hey, wait up!

Zoe, with her "baby".

Zach smiling for the camera.

We ate at Trail's End Restaurant, which has quickly become one of my favorites.  It's a BBQ style buffet with ribs, chicken, chili, a baked potato bar, a bunch of side dishes, and way too many desserts.  Plus, there aren't any giant chipmunks, mice, or ducks harassing you while your trying to eat!

It was a beautiful evening!  And while dinner could have been a disaster with Zoe who only had a 5 minute nap while on The Great Movie Ride, she did very well and we all enjoyed the night.

The Contemporary hotel and Bay Lake Tower as we ride away in the boat to Fort Wilderness:

 A beautiful evening sky:

Happy kids after another great Disney day!  We even got to see the fireworks as we rode the boat home.

And a proud mama has to mention that at one point today a cast member at Starring Rolls Bakery slipped my kids free cookies just because they're cute. *My kids, not the cookies, although the cookies are cute too.

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