Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 6 - off to Maui!

2/5/12 We're now on our flight to Maui. We had a great time at Disneyland, now we need a vacation! We really enjoyed our hotel at Disney. We stayed at the Disney Vacation Club villas at Disneys Grand Californian Resort. We had a one bedroom unit, which is just the right size for us until Zoe needs her own bed. Max and Ella slept on the sofa bed while Jacob slept in a bed that folded away under the TV. We had room 4508 which overlooked Disney's California Adventure park and the boy's favorite ride, Goofy's Sky School. The boys loved this ride. They probably went on it over 20 times! It's a crazy mouse style roller coaster. Luckily the line was usually not too long. Our room was decorated very nice and the layout was perfect. It was nice that we could watch the World of Color show from our balcony since at least one kid was always asleep by then - usually they all were! We never really adapted to Pacific time which worked out okay at Disney but could be a problem when we arrive in Hawaii and the kids think we should wake up at 3am and go to bed at 5pm! Ella says that her favorite ride was It's a Small World. The ride she went on the most was Ariel's undersea adventure since it was close to Goofy's Sky School. I think her favorite thing at Disney was the princess lunch at Ariels Grotto. She dressed in her sleeping beauty dress and loved getting her book signed by all of the princesses. After Sleeping Beauty signed her book though, she was afraid to see Cinderella because she wasn't wearing a Cinderella dress! That was my favorite meal also. I had this pasta with some spicy sauce that was really good. Also, the meal came with this dessert tray for our table that had way too much stuff on it (we still ate it all). My favorite was the white chocolate seashell. Most of our other meals weren't too interesting. We ate at the Big Thunder Ranch barbeque one night. The food was pretty good, but our table didn't really have a view of the stage and I had to spend like an hour waiting for Max in the bathroom. It probably just seemed like an hour, but it was long enough! I think max's favorite was the giant corn dog he had in Tomorrowland. Well, the good news is that the pilot said we'll be landing soon. The bad news is that he said it will be about 45 minutes which doesn't sound soon to me. We've been flying for about 5 hours so far. Zoe only slept for about an hour and a half and she seems to like planes only slightly better than cars - not much!

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  1. Oh man. I know Kyrie has pictures of the dessert tray. I can't believe you are depriving Zoe!!!!