Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 1- A Very Thorough Patdown

1/31/12 11:15am. Our trip has finally begun! We are on a flight to Los Angeles to begin part 1 of our trip - Disneyland! After a really long weekend of trying to fit everything in our house into four suitcases, we were really anxious to get on our way. Everything has gone well so far. The limo arrived right on time, we made record time getting to the airport, had plenty of time to eat breakfast at the airport, I received a VERY thorough patdown (since I refused the x-ray), and the plane took off right on time. The only concern so far is that Zoe decided to take her nap right before we boarded the plane and woke up right after takeoff. I don't know if we can keep her entertained for four hours.
Here we are at LAX with our luggage. Don't forget about the carry-on bag, stroller, and diaper bag that are not pictured.

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