Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11- aquarium and Iao Valley

Today I took the kids to the Maui Ocean Center. It was super expensive for a rather small aquarium, but it was nice and the kids had fun. They liked seeing all of the fish that Kyrie and I saw while we were snorkeling, plus a lot that we didn't (like sharks).

(This is our sometimes shy Max asking questions about sharks.) Jacob must have taken 200 pictures, he's becoming quite the photographer. Max's favorite was the sharks. Zoe was just happy to be out of the car. Ella liked touching the starfish and sea cucumber. Overall, the aquarium was nice for it's size, but it's going to take me a few days to get past that price. They should at least express some sympathy when they tell you the total! ($85!)
After that we went on an almost free activity, hiking through the Iao Valley. We had to pay $5 to park, but that's cheap compared to anything else around here. The valley is on the opposite side of the mountains from where we are staying. The mountains seem to catch the clouds and steal the rain from them. It's very lush and there are two large streams running down the mountains that intersect here.

We had fun seeing the different vegetation and Jacob made Max and Ella pose for pictures.
(Max took a picture with Jacob in it too.)

After the hike we drove back to Lahaina to see the giant banyan tree. (This is one banyon tree taking up the whole park!) The kids really liked exploring it, and climbing a little before we saw the "No Climbing" signs. Oops!

Then we explored the shore to look for crabs before joining Kyrie for dinner at the Hyatt.

We tried to eat at Son'z Court at the Hyatt Regency, but even though the restaurant was empty at the time we walked up they said they said that no table would be available for several hours. Then we tried another restaurant there, and it was being rented out by the very large Sunglass Hut convention. We had to settle for the casual poolside restaurant that I had eaten lunch at today. It was fine. There was even live music there tonight.

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