Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 12 -"They just HAVE to be wearing pants!"

Max made the title of the post again today. This time he and Kyrie were trying to get wristbands for the pool slide. They asked for them at the towel shack and were told to look for one of the Recreation Associates. They said to look for someone wearing a red shirt and a red and black hat. That's when Max muttered to himself, "They have to be wearing pants. They just HAVE to wearing pants!" Kyrie finished up her conference this morning while the kids and I spent time at the beach and pool. When Kyrie joined us I got a chance to go snorkeling one more time. I just love the snorkeling right in front of our hotel. There is so much coral and an amazing variety of fish. Today, I even saw a whale! Well, part of a whale anyway. On the bottom was a baleen, at least I think that's what it's called. It's a long black plate like thing with hairs on it. The whale has a bunch of these in its mouth to catch krill and whatever else they eat. It was pretty cool to see it. I also saw some box or puffer fish, I can't tell the difference. I didn't see any turtles, but earlier in the day I saw some from the beach.

For dinner we walked back to Whalers Village and ate at the Hula Grill. The food was good and it's so nice to be able to eat right by the beach. Before dinner we saw some people cliff diving off of Black Rock.

It's hard to believe this is already our last day in Maui. The week went by so fast. Glad we still have Oahu to look forward to!
I don't have much to add to today!  My seminar was over at noon.  I got a little more pool and beach time before getting ready for an early dinner.  We had never eaten at Hula Grill before.  It was very good.  I'm sure we'll go again.  During the early dinner hours they offer a "tasting menu" that included your choice of an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.  It's a good price (compare to the regular menu prices) and of course the portions are quite small, but just enough.  For instance my steak was the same size as the kid's steak. The dessert was two spoonfuls of coconut creme brulee.  Everything was very good!

And to end the Maui portion of our trip report, here a couple more sunset of the things I enjoy most about Maui!

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