Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 19 - on our way home/Hawaiian Time

There isn't much to write about today. We woke up at 3:00am (ouch!) to get ready to go to the airport. Woke the kids up at 4:00am (they handled that better than us) and were soon on our way. We arrived at the car rental place at 4:45am and had to wait for it to open at 5:00am. The gas station opens even later, so we had to pay over $6/gallon for a quarter tank of gas.

"Soon" we were boarding our plane, and were in the air by 7:45am. We have a long day of travel ahead of us. We have one stop for 2 hours in San Francisco, before landing in Chicago at 11:15pm. Thankfully the first plane is extra roomy and has video screens in front of every seat were you can choose from about 10 different channels and even play some games. We had lunch/dinner at the San Francisco airport.  
The surprise of extra room and individual monitors with so many choices for movies ALMOST made me feel like we were flying business class.  Nice!  Are all Continental planes like this?  We've been missing out flyng mostly United.  I like the San Francisco airport too.  There is a science themed play area for the kids to spend some time and burn off energy while we waited. 

Max and Ella slept for quite a bit of the second flight, so they did well. Zoe was tired of travelling and wished we would just let her crawl around. Kyrie and I played hot potato with her for most of the flight. Kyrie most definitely lost that game, but there were no winners. In the end, Zoe didn't do that bad. She was certainly annoyed by the experience, but she put up with it pretty well for a 9 month old.

A 3 year old that travels like a pro!
By the time we picked up our luggage and drove home it was about 12:30am. Unfortunately, that is only 8:30pm in Hawaii and the kids, especially the ones who slept on the plane, were ready to play. We did eventually get them to sleep. In the morning Jacob woke up first, but not until after 10:00am. Max and Ella didn't wake up until about 11:00am. It's going to be tough getting them back on Central Time!

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