Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 9 & 10 "That guy looks like Aunt Katje"

Just a minute... Willkommen auf meinem blog. Bienvenidos a mi blog. Sorry, I just noticed that someone from Germany and someone from Brazil have read this blog and I thought I should try to cater to my audience. Roughly translated it says, "My frogs have shoes." No, I didn't have any margarita's tonight.
Wednesday and Thursday: I decided to put days 9 and 10 together since we did pretty much the same thing both days. The weather has cleared up and is just perfect. We spent most of both days at the pool and the beach in front of our resort. There are a lot of pools here and the kids have tried out most of them.
They love the slides and the pools that aren't too deep the best. I think most of the pools are too cold, but one of them wasn't too bad. The ocean is actually a little warmer than the pools.
On day 9 the waves were still pretty strong. I tried snorkeling a little, but couldn't get too far or else I would have been scraped along the reef. I did see one brave snorkeler who managed to get out past the really shallow part of the reef. At one point i saw a whale swim by that couldn't have been more than 150 yards from that snorkeler - he probably didn't even know the whale was there. I didn't see the snorkeler for long after that, but I'm sure it was just a coincidence.
Kyrie and the kids made some great sandcastles and other sand things. Jacob even made the Grinch's Mt. Crumpet and Whoville. Max liked walking along the beach finding boat pieces from the storm a couple days ago. We found a bunch of boards, a sleeping bag, and some tin cans. On day 10, I found a snorkel, a t-shirt, and a fin that you wear while you are snorkeling - still probably just a coincidence.
We had lunch at the Marketplace again. Just too convenient! Did I mention the potato/mac salad? Your choice of sides were french fries or potato/mac salad. Have never seen that before. I was pretty good.
We went into Lahaina for dinner at Bubba Gump's and to shop at Hilo Hattie's.
The margaritas come in "Fun" size or "More Fun" size. This is what Marc alluded to. He was always writing the blog a couple days after the actual events so he referenced it in a previous day's post.
The kids had "make your own sundaes" for dessert. Our kids aren't used to getting so much dessert. Ella put about 4 sprinkles on hers. And none of them used the crushed up candy bar topping because they didn't know what it was. Poor deprived kids!
The very best part of every dinner though, was watching the sunset!
We were up before dawn again on Day 10. The zoom on my camera is so great that I took this picture of a cruise ship docked in Lahaina from our balcony. I love my new camera. Good thing it didn't actually break on Day 1!
The sea was much calmer on day 10 so Kyrie and I both got to take turns doing some snorkeling. It was really great. There were so many kinds of fish and coral. It was still too rough to get past this reef line that leads to the deeper water. I'm hoping to get out there eventually. I've heard that there are sea turtles out there and I think that would be just amazing to see.
The whale watching has continued. The whales were pretty chilled out today. Didn't see much jumping, but they were pretty close to shore. (Look closely and you might see one in the picture.) I saw a pair of whales go within 50 yards of a group of paddle boarders (not sure what those are actually called - they are surf boards that people just stand on and use a paddle to move). The paddleboarders definitely saw the whales and tried to follow them for a while.
We had dinner at Longboards at our resort. It's an outdoor restaurant featuring another beautiful sunset. The food was good too. One couple came up to us and complimented our children. They said they've seen us around the resort a lot and admire how well behaved (and adorable) our children are. Nice! I think it's all true, but then I'm a little biased.
Kyrie's conference started tonight, so she has that for the next two days. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to keep the kids entertained yet, but I'm sure we'll figure out something. Oh yeah, at dinner tonight Max said that our waiter looked like Katje. Of course he didn't, but since he had his sunglasses on top of his head, it reminded Max of Aunt Katje.

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