Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 8 - part 2 - shipwrecks and movie night

Monday night there were really high winds and rain. When we woke up Tuesday morning we saw a ship that had come off its moorings and was being knocked into the rocks. Eventually it started on fire. In the paper the next day I read that three boats had that happen and possibly a small sailboat sunk in the harbour, but they were still looking into that. Sorry, I really should have written about that in the first part of day 8, but I'm getting behind on these postings and the days are starting to mush together. Kyrie might say that it's because of the "more fun" sized margarita that I had last night. I'd say that it's more likely caused by the fact that every day since we've been to Hawaii at least one kid has woken me up at 3 in the morning and doesn't want to go back to sleep. Luckily they have each fallen back to sleep eventually.
Another thing Marc left out was the keiki club event this morning. The kids enjoyed making colored sand keychains.
Okay, so where was I with Day 8? We had just finished our harrowing drive to the best banana bread on the planet. Okay, after that there were a few more miles of 3 feet wide roads until we finally made it back to civilization. We continued our circle around west Maui until we stopped for lunch. We ate at some pizza place. It wasn't that good, but we were all glad for a break from the car for a while. The restaurant was in a shopping mall. It was called Porto. They make "artisan pizzas." The best part about the place is the outdoor seating right by a play area. Since the kids had been sitting so long in the car, they were much happier playing than sitting in a restaurant.
The rain started again after lunch and continued the rest of the day. We decided to call it a movie night. The kids ate PB&J and Kyrie and I picked up dinner from Longboards, the restaurant downstairs. After dinner we popped some popcorn and watched Muppet Treasure Island, since it was on TV.

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