Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 14 - another pool day

Monday :
We started the day by going to Target and Down to Earth (an organic grocery store) to get some groceries for this week and then headed back to the pool. The weather has been almost perfect. It's been mostly sunny and 80 most of the time. It has rained occasionally, but not for more than a few minutes. When it is overcast or rains though it is pretty cold.  The lifeguards wear pants and longsleeves or even jackets most of the time. To us though, it feels great.  You just have to grab a towel to cover up quickly if you get out of the water when it's overcast. 
We bought this boogie board with a window in it for the kids to use in the lagoon.  The kids kept asking to rent one when we were in Maui and we never found a good time to do it. 

Jacob loves the water slides here - even the one that is dark the whole way.  There is a body slide that is dark all the way down and there is an intertube slide open most of the way.  They both start at the top of the volcano. and flow into the lazy river.  They all love the lazy river.

 I tried out the snorkeling in the lagoon in front of the hotel. It wasn't nearly as good as the snorkeling in Maui, but it was still good and I look forward to trying out the other lagoons at Ko Olina. I was able to see a large pufferfish and posibly an octopus. It swam under a rock before I could get a good look at it.    The man made lagoon has a smooth sandy bottom with virtually no fish unless you swim all the way out to the breaker.  Then there are a lot of fish,  just not as closely packed as right off the beach in Maui.  We should have checked out this lagoon before buying that boogie board. There are really no fish to be seen where the kids could use it.. Marc took Jacob around the lagoon once with it and I think that's about all the use it got. It was too big to fit in the suitcase or I would have brought it home. 

The kids had a blast playing some games in the pool with Goofy. There was a schedule of caracters and special events in The Daily Ewa (newsletter), but we didn't seek anything out.  It was a nice surprise when Goofy came along to play in the pool!

We picked up food from One Paddle, Two Paddle and made PB&J sandwiches for the kids for lunch.
Zoe enjoying her first french fry!  At least they were sweet potato fries--that's healthy, right? ;-)
Here is evidence that it was a bit cold when you're wet.  Covering up with a towel made it fine though.
The boys got really good at swimming on this trip.  We picked up some sink toys at Target for them hide and seek in the pool. 

I'm not a big snow cone fan, but these were hard to resist. They were better than expected too. The kids made a three flavored cone to share. They each chose a flavor.

We ate dinner at the poolside bar, Off the Hook so we could stay in our swimsuits all day.  The menu at Off the Hook was exactly the same as One Paddle, Two Paddle the only difference was there were a few appetizers and of course alcoholic drinks offered and that a waitress took your order and delivered your food.  We wish there would have been more or different entree options available.  The food was good but with only a few poolside choices, we got tired of them quickly.

After dinner the kids checked out the kids club, Aunty's Beach House.
The kids waiting patiently while we get them registered. (You have to fill out paperwork the first time.)

Uncle's Garage--an area for strutured activities and snacks
They loved it!  Several times Kyrie tried to get them and they didn't want to leave! Before sunset we were able to see a couple of whales in the distance. It was good to see them, I was starting to think they were only in Maui.

The kids chose to stay At Aunty's Beach House while we went to Starlit Hui.  I figured they would have another night to see it anyway...but we later found out it wasn't offered any other nights this week because the resort used this area for the filming of the "Live with Kelly" TV show. 

Starlit Hui is kind of like a lu'au without food.  There are activities all around the seating mats to engage the kids before the show.  The show is typical hula dancing and what you'd expect at a typical lu'au.  Disney characters came for a mini dance party at the end of the show. 

Zoe must have been missing her siblings. She played with the kids seated behind us. They were all loving it! 

We left when the characters arrived at the end--since the kid's were at Aunty's!

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