Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 13 -on to Oahu


Wow, the time is really flying by, even though we've been on vacation for nearly two weeks! 

Today we packed up and flew over to Oahu.  When we pulled in to return our van, the attendant noticed a broken taillight (how did we miss that?) and a long light scratch down the passengers side of the van.  I'm sure the scratch happened on that narrow northern road.  All we can figure about the taillight is someone hit it in the parking garage the night before.  We still don't know if they are charging us for those things or not and how much it would be.  We never get renters insurance (although I might next time we go to Maui!)  We hope no news is good news.
UPDATE:  We got the bill 3/29.  It was a little more than $500!  Marc called the credit card we paid for the rental with to see if we have insurance with them.  Well, sort of!  We have to notify them withing 45 days and today is day 47.  Still keeping our fingers crossed!

(Here is an aerial picture of Kaanapali Beach as we flew over. The part that sticks out at the bottom is Black Rock. )

The airport is quite an ordeal. Four suitcases, four car seats, a carry on bag, plus a diaper bag. It makes for quite a balancing act when we pickup our luggage after the flight.  Don't forget the stroller and the 4 kids too!

We picked up our rental van and arrived at Disney's Aulani resort around 2:30pm. 

Marc had done online check-in. They were ready with welcome leis and our room keys before we even entered the doors. The kids were given Menehune necklaces.

The Menehune necklace they gave the kids.  Awesome but flimsy.  Two out of three broke while we were there.  They replaced them though.  The kids loved them. 

Our room was ready for us, which was nice. (I'll post room pictures in the Aulani section of the blog.)  We checked out our room and headed for the pool.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming until a very cold rain sent us indoors. It was about time to get ready for dinner anyway.

We ate at Makahiki, the resort's buffet restaurant.

The food was good, but there were a lot of things we don't eat, like oysters and fish. I accidentally took some ox tail stew before reading the sign that says what it was. I felt obligated to eat it since I took it. It tasted just like beet stew, but I couldn't get past the idea that it was an ox tail.

At all of the food service places, it is obvious that Aulani caters to their Japanese guests equally.  Which is great; it's just noticably different than any DVC resort I've been to before.

We had noted Ella's birthday (which was right before we left on this trip) when making our reservation online for Makahiki.  They brought out a little treat for her with a birthday candle at the end of our meal. 

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  1. You still have a lot of vacation ahead of you. Your trip sounds like it has been wonderful. Keep enjoying it because it's glooming here.